The Presentation of the SOGS-RA as a Screening Tool for the Identification of Problem Gambling among Schoolchildren
Jolanta Jarczyńska

Sociodemographic Characteristic of Gamblers in Kuyavia-Pomerania Province
Jolanta Celebucka

Sexting – a New Danger and Threat among Adolescents
Paweł Izdebski and
Karolina Żbikowska

The Behaviour of Young People in Cyberspace and Their Perception of Family Relations
Anna Siudem and
Ireneusz Siudem

Computer Addiction – Studies Taken in 1999–2010
Andrzej Augustynek

The Psychological Characteristics of Addictive Behaviour in Adolescents (on the Basis of Internet Addiction Disorder)
Larisa Didkovska

Meaning of Self-Help Groups in the Treatment of Behavioural Addiction
Iwona Niewiadomska

Behavioral Addictions Publications – Brief Review
Weronika Augustynowicz,
Agnieszka Palacz-Chrisidis

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