Staff attitudes to change: relationship with the educational institution’s organizational culture type
Liudmyla Karamushka, Vladimir Ivkin

Influence of relations between children and parents on the formation of personality
Natalia Pikovets

Theoretical analysis of the influence of social environment on young family values
Oksana Nazaruk

Family counseling as a means of developing positive adolescent identity
Tetiana Yablonska

Postgraduate students’ training in the context of their future professional career training
Taras Karamuszka


Family growth supporting resources

Joanna Chwaszcz, Julia Gorbaniuk


Chapter 1
Perceived parenting styles and the distribution of resources in teenagers
Łojek Magdalena, Niewiadomska Iwona, Wiechetek Michał

Chapter 2
Family counselling – family resources for developing positive identity in adolescents
Tetiana Yablonska

Chapter 3
The shaping of children’s personal experiences in their families – its nature, factors and means of study
Oksana Nazaruk


Chapter 4
Origins of motivation for adoption, as one of the factors behind providing the family with custody of a child
Tetiana Melnychuk

Chapter 5
The image of ideal grandparents as perceived by adult women
Justyna Iskra

Chapter 6
The role of family resources at the early stage of recovering from alcohol dependency
Agnieszka Kędziora-Stryjek

Chapter 7
Family support in the process of building resources in people with disabilities
Katarzyna Zielińska-Król, Julia Gorbaniuk, Sylwia Mirosław

Chapter 8
The role of Rehabilitation through Drama in restoring lost and creating new family resources
Beata Maria Nowak

Chapter 9
Selected correlates of intergenerational helplessness transmission risk
Katarzyna Kokot, Iwona Niewiadomska, Joanna Chwaszcz

Chapter 10
Factors that prevent people with alcohol use disorders from relapsing – a literature review
Dorota Reczek


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