1. The Psychoprevention Studies only accepts articles for publication that are scientific in character, including theoretical studies, research works, analyses, reviews, conference and scientific seminar reports, as well as news of past and future events of a scientific nature (e.g. academic promotions and postings).
  2. The Journal’s editorial office accepts texts in Polish or English. Because the journal is published in English, Polish articles accepted for publication are translated into English. The cost of translation is borne by the Authors.
  3. With theoretical papers, research papers and analyses, authors must enclose a summary in English and in Polish, each approximately half a page long. The title and summary should also be in English and Polish. The summary of a theoretical paper should contain the main ideas and the conclusions. The summary of a research paper should contain main ideas, methodology and the key findings. Articles should be accompanied by 3-5 key words in both Polish and English and the title of the work in both Polish and English.
  4. Articles submitted to the Editor are first formally evaluated (in-house verification) and then reviewed by two independent reviewers (through a double-blind review process).
  5. The author encloses a signed and completed copy of theAuthor’s Questionnaire, which contains basic information (title, affiliations, correspondence address) and an agreement of free of charge copyright transfer to the Publisher. If an article is accepted for publication its author is obliged to deliver a signed paper version of this form, or a scan thereof via email, to the editorial office.
  6. The article should be written using the following template: File type – Microsoft Word; Font – Times New Roman, 12 point; Line spacing – 1,5v Margins – 2,5; Length including bibliography – up to 20 standard A4 printed pages
  7. The only accepted form of referencing is the APA style.
  8. With a view to international character of the journal, authors are obliged to quote mainly the international publications.
  9. Pictures and other graphic materials that are part of the article should be sent as separate files. 
  10. Articles are published in accordance with conditions identical to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (also called as CC-BY) license conditions, available on http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 and this permission applies to any language version or any later version of the license as published by the Creative Commons organization.
  11. Author retain the copyright to the article, while at the same time he/she transfers the article property rights to the Publisher free of charge (without territorial and time restrictions).
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